YOUR PHONE CALLS ARE NEEDED NOW: On Wednesday, April 18, the Senate Governance and Finance Committee will hear Senate Bill 1044. HJTA SUPPORTS THIS BILL, which would permanently repeal the State Responsibility Fire Prevention Fee, otherwise known as the fire tax, and clear the way for refunds to everyone who has had to pay this unfair tax in the past.

BACKGROUND: Last July, the State Responsibility Fire Prevention Fee was suspended until 2031, after which it will be repealed. SB 1044, authored by Sen. Tom Berryhill (R- Stanislaus, Fresno & Tulare Counties) moves the repeal date up to 2019, and also establishes a refund program for everyone who paid the fire fee before it was suspended. HJTA believes that the fire fee is unconstitutional—under Proposition 13, it required a two-thirds vote, because it is a tax. We continue to advance a lawsuit arguing that this is not a legitimate “fee” because there is no benefit to the fee-payer.

OBJECTIVE: To pass SB 1044 and provide quick relief to every single one of the 800,000 property owners who have had to pay this unfair fire tax for the past five years.

TAKE ACTION: Contact the Members of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee below and urge them to VOTE YES ON SB 1044.

  • Senator Mike McGuire (Chairman). Represents Sonoma, Healdsburg, Mendocino. 916-651-4002
  • Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice-Chair) Represents Garden Grove, Orange County. 916-651-4034
  • Senator John Moorlach: Represents Costa Mesa/Orange County. 916-651- 4037
  • Senator Jim Beall: Represents San Jose. 916-651- 4015
  • Senator Ed Hernandez: Represents Azusa/Los Angeles County. 916-651- 4022
  • Senator Bob Hertzberg: Represents Van Nuys/Los Angeles County. 916-651- 4018
  • Senator Ricardo Lara: Represents Bell Gardens/Los Angeles County: 916-651- 4033