Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association filed its Notice of Appeal in the fire prevention fee case on March 1st.  Within ten days we will be filing our notice designating the record on appeal.

As regular recipients of these emails know, the annual fire prevention fee has been halted.  The State will no longer be billing the fee.  However, the trial court judge threw out our case for refunds of past payments.  That is what we are appealing.

Besides the appeal, HJTA is supporting a bill in the Legislature, Senate Bill 1044, that would allow fee payers to apply for a refund of all fees they paid in the past.

Passing Senate Bill 1044 will be an uphill battle, even though the State has a large budget surplus.  We encourage you to contact your State Senator and your Assembly member urging them to vote yes on SB 1044.

To find contact information for your State Senator and Assembly member, please visit  Thank you for your continued support of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Timothy A. Bittle
Director of Legal Affairs
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association