A big thank you to all who have submitted information about their experience with the fire fee. We heard from over one thousand of you! As a result, we received hundreds of affidavits demonstrating the illegitimacy of the fee all over California. We will attach these to our motion to show that the fee is not providing specific benefit to each payor and is therefore a tax. The motion will be literally “massive” as we envisioned.

If you have received our affidavit but have not had time to review it, please take a few moments to do so. Further, please do not be afraid to let us know if you have received inspections from CAL FIRE, particularly multiple or even annual inspections which could be the case if you are in a high fire hazard zone. In fact, we would appreciate such information to support another portion of our motion. Please email laura@hjta.org if you have received more than one CAL FIRE inspection.

In addition to testimony from payors like yourself, we are now receiving communications from organizations and professionals who have compelling information to share. We are very proud of the exhibits coming together for our motion from a wide range of sources. If the case goes up on appeal, we will have built a strong foundation.

We are doing everything possible to streamline the intake and editing of these vital exhibits and hope to have our motion filed in the next 4-6 weeks. Opposing counsel must be afforded adequate time to oppose our motion and we will be afforded time to reply to their opposition. We can expect a hearing on the motion approximately three months after filing, and then there will be a decision from the Sacramento Superior Court. Thank you for supporting this effort by HJTA.