We have finished reviewing and classifying the 12,000 pages of documentation we obtained from CalFire through discovery! We now need your help to file our “Motion for Summary Judgment.”

The final evidence needed for our “Motion for Summary Judgment” is written testimony directly from the people paying the Fire Tax. We are especially interested in hearing from those who have paid the “Fire Prevention Fee” but never received an inspection or any particular service in exchange for the “fee.” If you would be willing to give your written testimony, please go to our website www.FireTaxProtest.org and click on “Submit Information,” or click here.

This massive “Motion for Summary Judgement” will be based on the undisputed facts gathered from CalFire’s documentation and on the written testimony we receive from people like you. We hope this Motion will allow us to get a final decision on the case this summer.

Of course, we do have to accept the possibility that, should we prevail, CalFire may appeal. But that is true of every lawsuit. We know this case has taken a long time to prepare, and we are sensitive to the fact that you have been paying the tax in the meantime. But we’re making good progress. Thank you for hanging in there.