The State of California has suspended the State Fire Prevention Fee as of July 1, 2017 forward.  We continue to advocate for refunds to class members and a declaration that the fee was an illegal tax under Propositions 13 and 26.


Fire Tax Update – September 2016

HJTA’s legal team has been overloaded with cases important to taxpayers and working hard to meet deadlines set by the superior courts, appellate courts, and the CA Supreme Court. But while our other cases have been advancing in these other courts, our Fire Tax case...

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Legal action intends to put out the state’s fire tax

By Jon Coupal By now, most rural homeowners have become accustomed to receiving an annual bill of $150—or higher—for what is euphemistically called a "fire prevention fee." However, this familiarity does not make writing out the check to the State Board of...

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